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Market Updates

Dow 21,000 – What’s Next?

March 27, 2017 The U.S. Stock market has, let’s be honest here, soared since the election from just under 18,000 on November 8th, 2016 to …

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Retirement Resources

Financial Planning – It’s what we do

Financial Planning Success Your financial success depends on a well thought out financial plan that is updated annually. As your net worth grows, so do …

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Retirement Resources

Don’t let long term care costs destroy your retirement

When we construct a financial plan for our clients we always ask about long term care because we often hear concerns like “who will pay …

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Retirement Resources

Mutual Funds, What are They? David Cross, US-AM

What is a mutual fund? Mutual funds were invented over 100 years ago to serve the needs of small investors and they are still popular …

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Retirement Resources

Bonds, what are they?

What is a bond? A bond is a loan.  How is that for simple?  Bonds are commonly referred to as “fixed-income” securities (remember, people in finance …

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Retirement Resources

Stock, what is it? David Cross, US-AM

Stock is a share or percentage of ownership in a company. Owners are entitled to a share of the company’s assets and earnings.  If you …

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