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Tracking Money Flows

Tracking Money Flows

Over the last 12 months, investors have continued to sell stocks and buy bonds with $171 billion leaving stocks and over half a trillion going into bonds.  In my 30 years of experience, stock markets can be volatile at times, but stock markets usually don’t top when people are nervous.  Markets tend to top when …

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Equitable Divorce Settlements

Equitable Divorce Settlements Should Include Intangible Assets

For most people, divorce is an emotionally exhausting process, and, without proper planning, the financial impact may be devastating. I believe that the most common mistake in divorce financial settlements is simply splitting the marital assets and finances 50/50 instead of EQUITABLY.  You may be asking, “What’s the difference?”  To me, the definition of marital …

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Major Stock Market Decline Looming

Is the Next Major Stock Market Decline Looming?

Portfolio Insights Financial market commentators seem to change their minds daily about the outlook for the stock market.  One day they are excited about stocks and the next they are worried.  They offer potential reasons for a looming decline like: Interest Rates The Fed Earnings slowdown the business cycle China the President European slowdown inverted …

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Losing Money AND Paying Taxes? There may be a better way

CPA’s listen up!  As you begin preparing tax returns, some of your clients may have lost money last year but still owe capital gains taxes because their mutual funds paid year-end “capital gains distributions”. “A capital gains distribution is a payment to mutual fund shareholders that is prompted by a fund manager’s liquidation of underlying stocks and …

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US Asset Management

7th Market Update

Something interesting happened in the stock market last week called ROTATION. We saw the stock market pull back from it’s high, as investors started to wonder if maybe the peak in the market is in.  Unemployment is now the lowest it’s been since 1969 which is great, but interest rates are now starting to move …

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Avoiding An Unsuccessful Marriage

Why do people stay in unfulfilling relationships when joyful ones are possible? Even if you’ve never been involved in a one, we’ve all seen it; the relationship between two people that starts out wonderful but later dissolves.  Indifference and dissatisfaction seem to outweigh love and mutual admiration.  Marriages are not the only relationships that can …

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